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Million Dollar Brand with Jaylen LaGrande 

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Jaylen LaGrande

While many boys played with model cars, trucks and trains—he was working toward building an empire. From humble beginnings of selling items in his mother’s basement and from the trunk of his car—to his undeniable success as a full-time faithpreneur, author and speaker, it’s crystal clear that faith isn’t just a principle to Jaylen LaGrande. It’s a lifestyle. As the Chief Steward and Visionary of 3:16 (formerly Religious Expressions), he’s committed himself to not just excellence in the marketplace and business—but marketplace ministry. Whether you catch him at a book signing, traveling the world to speak, or behind the counter at one of his locations for 3:16, a Christian retail store, his message, his mantra and his mission remain the same—faith, hope and empowerment.

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